This exhibition was supported by the UCLA Fiat Lux Seminar Program and the Henry Luce Foundation. Special thanks to Therese Finnegan for loaning her Ifugao collection, particularly the bulul presented at the launching of the exhibition.

The Fiat Lux Seminar offered in Winter 2022 Quarter developed the narratives used in the exhibit. In addition, a core group of UCLA Filipinx students helped the establishment of the UCLA Heritage (re)Discovery Program.

Fiat Lux Seminarians

Arcallana, Rose Anne; Bacasen, Lara Kristine; Choi, Aidan; Clark, Maggie Elizabeth; Jose, Josh Christian; Khawar, Maham; Light, Kristal; Lopez Candrha Monet; Parayao, Dagny Eloise; Patron, Kassidy Anne; Sabater, Aliya; Soriano, Eavan Jael; Tuker, Lamar Nabil; Walker, Joshua David; Wright, Maya; Xiao, Qi; Xu, Tianrui

Heritage (re)Discovery Core Group

Alegre, Arlo Benedict; Chua, Kristine Joy; Macahilas, Alexia; Yakal Madeleine

We are deeply indebted to Marlon Martin, who provided invaluable comments and suggestions in the development of the exhibit concept.

This exhibition is a product of a partnership between the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Philippine Consulate General-Los Angeles. We hope that this presentation provides a venue to highlight Philippine Indigenous histories and heritage and an appreciation of the diversity of Philippine cultures.

If you would like to provide comments about the exhibition, please contact Prof. Stephen Acabado at acabado(at)